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Creating an Equitable Learning Enviroment for All Notice

La Crescent - Hokah Public School District strives for equitable and respectful educational
experiences for every student, family, and staff member regardless of
● Race
● Gender
● Gender Identity
● Sexual orientation
● Socioeconomic status
● Ability
● Home or first language
● National origin
● Age
● Physical appearance

Our aim is to offer integrated learning settings where all students can attain high academic
achievement and to strengthen staff capacity to work effectively with learners, families, and
colleagues from diverse backgrounds.

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School District of La Crescent-Hokah
Unpaid Meal Balance Charge Procedure

The School District of La Crescent-Hokah believes that a healthy, well-nourished active child is better prepared to learn. Proper nutritional intake is essential for adequate learning to occur. The School District of La Crescent-Hokah believes all children need access to nutritious meals that meet or exceed federal standards.
A. The purpose of this procedure is to establish a consistent unpaid meal balance procedure for the School District of La Crescent-Hokah.
B. The School District of La Crescent-Hokah recognizes the parent/guardian’s responsibility to provide breakfast and lunch for their child(ren). Proper nutritional intake is essential for adequate learning to occur. Families not meeting federal income guidelines for free meals are expected to pay the cost of meals consumed by their child(ren).
C. The School Nutrition Department strives to produce quality meals at a reasonable cost. Achieving this goal is in part dependent upon generating the financial resources necessary to fund the school meal program. Primary funding sources for the school meals program are the Federal government and meal prices charged to families. Federal funds cover the cost of meals for children that come from households with income below defined levels.
D. The School District of La Crescent-Hokah does not support the concept of higher meal prices so that some families can go without paying for their child(ren)’s meals. Therefore, the district will require timely and full payment for meals purchased and collection of all outstanding payments due. When each family pays for the meals consumed by their child(ren) everyone pays their appropriate share.
E. Households may apply for free/reduced meals anytime during the school year. To help families in need, notification of the Meal Benefit (Free and Reduced) Application process will be made prior to the beginning of the school year. In addition, applications are available on the district website, at each school, and at the district office. Reminders of the Meal Benefit (Free and Reduced) Program will be provided by the School Nutrition Department, school guidance counselors, school psychologists and other professionals as they become aware of a potential need.
ELEMENTARY SCHOOL: Accounts require prepayment. Accounts with a negative balance will be notified daily via Skylert or email from Skyward. Statements will be sent home with your child, emailed, or by a placing a phone call. A regular meal will be served, but parents who choose not to make payments will be asked to send a bag lunch with their child.
MIDDLE SCHOOL: Accounts require prepayment. Students may be given a two day grace period (not to exceed $7.00) before meals are stopped. Accounts with a negative balance will be notified daily via Skylert or email from Skyward.
HIGH SCHOOL: Accounts require prepayment. Charging is not allowed.
A. The Federal USDA Child Nutrition Program does NOT require children with an
outstanding balance on their account be served a meal.
B. LOW ACCOUNT BALANCE: Students will be notified at the check register each day
when their account is less than $7.00.
C. NEGATIVE ACCOUNT BALANCE: Skylert and e-mail messages will be sent each
business day for any negative balances. The message will notify parents or guardians
that money needs to be deposited into the account. Parents or guardians may access
all meal account status and activity on the parent portal Skyward Family Access 24
hours a day, 7 days a week. Meal payments are accepted through the district’s web
site via Family Access.
D. Family accounts with outstanding balances are required to be paid in full by the last
day of each school year.
E. NO charging for any ala carte items will be permitted at any time. This includes milkto-
go with a lunch brought from home, even if the child(ren) qualify for free meals. All
components that make a meal must be taken for the district to receive meal
reimbursement. Milk alone is considered an ala carte purchase and must be paid for.
F. Families experiencing financial difficulties should contact the School Nutrition Office at
895-5065 to make arrangements for debt payment. If you have not done so already,
complete a Meal Benefit (Free or Reduced) Application.
G. The School District of La Crescent-Hokah reserves the right to take steps deemed
necessary to collect overdue payments. These actions may include: turning the
outstanding balance over to a collection agency, small claims court, revocation of
charging privileges, or other actions as deemed necessary.


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