Lancer Strength Club

Lancer Strength Club's mission is to help athletes get stronger through hard workouts, competition, accountability, and having fun! Our staff will be designing custom workouts and motivating you each and every session to get the best lift without wasting time.


  • T-Shirt Included
  • Prizes and Competitions
  • 600lb 800lb 1000lb Club
  • Learn, Lift, Gain
  • Raise money for off-season training!

If you have questions regarding the Strength Club, please reach out to one of the following:

Josh Mallicoat, 507-895-5022 or josh.mallicoat@isd300.k12.mn.us

Cody Braun, 507-895-4484 x 5014 or  cody.braun@isd300.k12.mn.us

Ryan Vinzant, 507-895-4484 x 5005 or ryan.vinzant@isd300.k12.mn.us

Nicole Johnson, 507-895-4484 x 5364 or nicole.johnson@isd300.k12.mn.us