Public Notices

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Creating an Equitable Learning Environment for All Notice

La Crescent - Hokah Public School District strives for equitable and respectful educational
experiences for every student, family, and staff member regardless of
● Race
● Gender
● Gender Identity
● Sexual orientation
● Socioeconomic status
● Ability
● Home or first language
● National origin
● Age
● Physical appearance

Our aim is to offer integrated learning settings where all students can attain high academic
achievement and to strengthen staff capacity to work effectively with learners, families, and colleagues from diverse backgrounds.

504 Information

Grievance/Vocational Notices

Restrictive Procedures

School District of La Crescent-Hokah Unpaid Meal Balance Charge Procedure

Posting for Review- K-12 Virtual Certified Title IX Coordinator

Statewide Testing and Refusal to Test Form

Start a new Parent/Guardian Guide to Statewide Testing and Refusal to Test Form

PSEO Program Information

Web Accessibility Statement

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