Dear Parents:

Welcome to La Crescent-Hokah Elementary School! We are excited to meet our new kindergarten students and families. Due to the pandemic, our traditional open house plans are on hold, but I am happy to connect with any family in need of more information about Kindergarten! Call 507-895-5117, or email me: Jeffrey.Copp@isd300.k12.mn.us if you’d like to learn more! My goal is to be available to all families in making connections, answering questions, and exchanging valuable information. Also, by completing the online registration as soon as possible and turning in any completed paperwork that may be required, your child can be officially registered for kindergarten! Accurate registration counts help us plan and prepare!

You can imagine how excited we are for a fully renovated Kindergarten wing of our school (to be completed Fall 2021!) My hope is that when safe to do so, we’ll be able to tour the school building together, and I will then show you - in person - the amazing opportunities our school has to offer your child and your entire family!

IMPORTANT: Our district requires a copy of your child’s birth certificate and proof of residency for enrollment. Please reach out to us if you are unable to upload it yourself when completing the Online Registration. We are here to help! If you do not have access to a computer to complete the online registration please contact Brittney Eyman at 507-895-5051 for assistance.

We look forward to seeing you and your child as soon as it is safe to gather for an open house tour! In the meantime, if you have any questions regarding kindergarten registration or our school, please call our office at 507-895-5124.


Jeffrey Copp

PreK-4 Principal


Tips for completing the online registration application:

  • Online registration applications should not be completed on a mobile device nor a tablet. In order to successfully complete registration, it is recommended that the registration is completed on a desktop computer or a laptop.

If you do not have a device to complete the registration, please contact the district office at 507-895-5051.

  • Have the student’s birth certificate and a document showing proof of residency readily available for submission before beginning registration.

Acceptable documentation types are a form of identification, utility bill, lease, or a purchase agreement that displays your address. The document does not need to display the student’s name.

  • Write down your confirmation number. Writing down the confirmation number is important if you need to get back into your application.
  • If you have difficulties completing the registration, please contact Brittney Eyman, Administrative Assistant, at the district office at 507-895-5051 or by email brittney.eyman@isd300.k12.mn.us.

Once your application is reviewed and approved, you will receive a welcome letter via email.